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Selected as Edge Partner with SAP

Christopher Larkin

eWorthy was recently selected as an Edge Partner with SAP allow us to integrate our visual front end with industry leading ERP back end financials or other core functionality provided by SAP's offerings.    

Option Year Award

Christopher Larkin

eWorthy was awarded a follow-on to the support contract for the USCG Response Boat - Medium program for another 9 months with a possibility for further extensions.  

Teaming Up

Christopher Larkin

eWorthy has established a teaming partnership to integrate the eLEMS life cycle engineering application with the proven ILS expertise possessed by Logistics Specialties, Inc. (LSI).  LSI provides engineering, maintenance, and supply chain management services to State, Federal, commercial and military operations and was named DLA's 2011 Innovative Business Performer for Small Business.

MACC Conference

Jacob Cook

eWorthy was selected to present a paper entitled “Technology Refresh : Visual ILS and Enterprise Logistics” dealing with the practical application of technology to a functioning ILS system utilized by the USCG Response Boat - Medium program for the past 8 years. This is a bookend presentation to one given several years before at the inception of the USCG Response Boat -  Medium boat acquisition program and will address the incorporation of new technologies over time to fulfill the need to refresh a real world ILS application.

Contract Awarded for ILS System

Jacob Cook

eWorthy was recently awarded a contract to build a standalone version of the Integrated Logistics System (ILS) that supports the USCG Response Boat – Medium program.  This system is similar to the production system designed, built and sustained by eWorthy for the last 8 years but this is for the Fleet Logistics Support Center.