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Logistics Support Services

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The backbone of our ILS capability resides in our proprietary eLEMS Life Cycle Engineering application.  This application is designed to be tightly integrated with a customer’s ongoing integrated logistics process and is agile and flexible enough to provide this capability by itself or integrated with existing ERP solutions such as Maximo, CRMO, and SAP.

Technical Documentation: 

eWorthy has an experienced team of professional and technical personnel who have authored quality, project and technical documentation, such as development of repair and maintenance manuals including illustrated parts manuals using S1000D tagging.  We use our in-depth knowledge of the ILS data to conduct complex data analysis to determine root cause of failures.    Related capabilities include engineering services covering the following areas:

Configuration Management Though the eLEMS tool we support an extensive Engineering Change approval process which updates the configuration of boat fleets.   These processes can be readily modified as needed to tailor them to the business needs of particular customers.

Failure Analysis eWorthy can conduct FRACAS and Failure Analysis on individual components, complete systems or fleets of equipment.  FRACS can be applied to in-service equipment to validate design and provide data on areas requiring modification or improvement to better fit maintainability and reliability requirements.

Maintenance Program Optimization Maintenance Program Optimization, a methodology used to optimize an existing maintenance program focusing on the applicability and effectiveness of individual maintenance tasks.

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is the logic used to identify preventive maintenance (PM) tasks, to maintain the inherent level of equipment reliability at minimum cost.

RCM analysis is a systematic approach to analyzing system reliability to determine the applicability and effectiveness of preventive maintenance tasks.  The eLEMS system supports an extensive Maintenance Planning Card capability identifying calendar, usage, or conditional maintenance.  Periodicity is used to generate Maintenance Due Lists for scheduled maintenance action for any future period. Field Support Desk - Tracing, tracking and responding to maintenance and repair questions from field operations. Tracking the types of issues raised by various field organizational components relating to various systems or subsystems.