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eLEMS "What is it?"

eLEMS is a full life cycle engineering and maintenance automation tool. Tracking the full spectrum of design, build, maintenance and operation activities of an end-item asset system. Comprised of both 3D modelling and ILS data elements, its flexible design can readily accommodate a multitude of different asset models. Such as a fixed wing, rotatory wing, wheeled, tracked vehicles, boats, and support equipment.  Because of its open architecture it can be used as a robust turnkey application on its own, or be integrated with various other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.  

eLEMS "Why the need?"

eLEMS evolved from over 20 years of designing and developing ILS systems, for various Government and commercial clients, most recently with the USCG Response Boat – Medium Program.

Operational Issues:

  • Unable to track current parts (CIs) on Asset
  • No tracking of Scheduled Maintenance actions
  • No tracking of Warranty Status on Parts
  • No ability to easily Order replacement Parts
  • No ability to access part specific Tech Docs 
  • No ability to request help

Business Issues:

  • Current legacy systems operate in isolation
  • Limited integration capability
  • No standardized set of business processes
  • Legacy ILS systems are not available everywhere
  • Tight management controls not possible


  • Flexible
  • Integrated
  • Tailorable
  • Intuitive
  • Portable / Mobile
  • Operates Disconnected
  • Cost Effective